Raida Trades

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."

- Robert Arnott

About raida

I am a young investor using the power of options to maximize his profits in the stock market.

I started trading around the age of 23. I used a demo account before starting out with real cash.

When this account traded over 500 % in return, I decided I was ready.

To this day I have made over 700 % on return. The amounts are small but this will only grow.

I like to use long term options which are priced cheap, so I can profit with usually massive returns.

No big amounts of cash are necessary to trade, especially not with options. It's no rare case that I make 100$ into 500$.


Busy busy

So my raspberry should arrive today. To be honest I'm very curious about how this device will work with a webserver. It's a good thing it's linux though. I do not like windows. I think it will be pretty straight forward for setting it up.

I like how it doesn't need much to just work. You just plug it in and voila. A mini computer. And it doesn't eat much electricity. That is the main reason I went for it. The other reason is that I like managing my own server. That way its truly mine. I mean I pay like 90 cents a year for my domain. Thats it.

"Created on 7/7/2018"

The AMD trade

A small trade I did earlier this month, nice percentage gains but a small amount of money was used. I haven't got much time lately to trade because I have so much work at home. A lot has to be done and a lot of money has to be used.

I don't know if I can trade a lot this year but we'll see. I certainly hope so because I see a lot of chances in the market lately, all of that I am missing.

"Created on 2/7/2018"

We are Live!

The website is now live and hosted ( temporary ) on my Desktop. I will probaly host the webserver on a Raspberry pi, so that it can run 24/7.

  • -->SSL has been enabled ! OK
  • -->HTTPS redirection is complete. OK
  • -->Firewall has been enabled. OK
  • -->Global access is prohibited. OK
  • -->PHP has been enabled. OK
  • -->Configure new Raspberry Pi for webhosting. OK
  • -->Set up a static ip for Raspberry. OK

"Created on 23/6/2018"

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