Raida Trades

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."

- Robert Arnott

About raida

I am a young investor using the power of options to maximize his profits in the stock market.

I started trading around the age of 23. I used a demo account before starting out with real cash.

When this account traded over 500 % in return, I decided I was ready.

To this day I have made over 700 % on return. The amounts are small but this will only grow.

I like to use long term options which are priced cheap, so I can profit with usually massive returns.

No big amounts of cash are necessary to trade, especially not with options. It's no rare case that I make 100$ into 500$.


Changes and Thoughts

A lot has happened the past few weeks in my personal life and It has given me some insight about people and the way they see things. I think I will make my business more public and share my experiences with people who want to do what I do. I am very, very picky though. Someone close to me will start learning what I do. If this proves succesfull I could try and teach more to others but I do not make promises. For now I'd like to make my business more financial advisor orientated, this means that people can come to me for their investments and I will help them make the right choice. You could make safe and risky investments with me. However, this also means I will have to change my business, It will need to be taxed for services so I'll have to make my company avaible for public services. All this will take some time.

The markets lately have been very volatile. I can not deny that my position has suffered. These things happen and we can not see the future. You can only participate what will happen next and make decisions toward it. That's what I did. The time frame is a bit larger but that's okay. I'm in no rush and I am comfortable with the price I entered at.

"Created on 22/10/2018"

Risk and reward

I opened a position on recently because I found that the stock had got beaten down so much, it was a bargain at this price. It has lost 50 % of it's value because of the trade war concerns. I am not really concerned, it's way overblown as usual with Trump. I'm looking to sell these in the first half of 2019. Maybe sooner if the stock decides to rally.

I'm sorry that I have not been active lately, there is just so little time and I finally scraped some money together to trade again so here it is! I'm also going on a holiday in a few days to get some time off and clear our heads. Speak to you soon with an update!

"Created on 19/9/2018"

Busy busy

So my raspberry should arrive today. To be honest I'm very curious about how this device will work with a webserver. It's a good thing it's linux though. I do not like windows. I think it will be pretty straight forward for setting it up.

I like how it doesn't need much to just work. You just plug it in and voila. A mini computer. And it doesn't eat much electricity. That is the main reason I went for it. The other reason is that I like managing my own server. That way its truly mine. I mean I pay like 90 cents a year for my domain. Thats it.

"Created on 7/7/2018"

The AMD trade

A small trade I did earlier this month, nice percentage gains but a small amount of money was used. I haven't got much time lately to trade because I have so much work at home. A lot has to be done and a lot of money has to be used.

I don't know if I can trade a lot this year but we'll see. I certainly hope so because I see a lot of chances in the market lately, all of that I am missing.

"Created on 2/7/2018"

We are Live!

The website is now live and hosted ( temporary ) on my Desktop. I will probaly host the webserver on a Raspberry pi, so that it can run 24/7.

  • -->SSL has been enabled ! OK
  • -->HTTPS redirection is complete. OK
  • -->Firewall has been enabled. OK
  • -->Global access is prohibited. OK
  • -->PHP has been enabled. OK
  • -->Configure new Raspberry Pi for webhosting. OK
  • -->Set up a static ip for Raspberry. OK

"Created on 23/6/2018"

Raida Capital

These are virtual portfolios I generated. This will give you an idea in what sort of stocks I invest. I will provide my riskiest portfolio and my safest portfolio. The portfolios are generated with a life span of 3 years, meaning it will reflect stock gains from 2015 till now.

This portfolio is made out of stocks from the technology sector. It inclused stocks like MU, AMD, AAPL, AMZN, JD, BABA and so on. Risk wise this portfolio is pretty dangerous and volatile, but it is safe to say it was rewarding

And then we have our safe portfolio, made out of ETF'S. These follow the indexes of the United States. This will always be my safe bet regarding risk and return.

You can see that even the safe portfolio had a 50% return on investment in 3 years time. Personally I like to invest more agressive and choose the stocks that have potential, or that have been battered down to a year low. This way you will have more chance to create more return on your investments. My personal portfolio I will not post. I can only encourage you to make your own picks and let that be a starting point for me. I can always help you pick the right portfolio for your needs.